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Camp Policies and Procedures

Our Mission: “To serve non-profit, educational, family, and religiously affiliated groups by creating quality environments of Christian hospitality, learning, retreat and fellowship.”

  1. All questions about registration, lodging and meal arrangements for Dulcimer Week in the Wallowas should be directed to event organizer Heidi Muller at wallowadulcimer@gmail.com or (304) 382-9422. Please do not contact Wallowa Lake Camp.
  1. Attendees and non-student companions at Dulcimer Week in the Wallowas are responsible for their own safety and wellbeing when engaged in activities both on and off the Camp/Retreat site, including hiking, sightseeing, swimming, etc. The Camp & Retreat Center is not responsible for any accidents or incidents related to off-site activities by the guest group or individuals within the group.
  1. PETS: For the health and safety of our guests and natural wildlife, pets are not allowed on the site except pre-approved service animals (sorry, does not include “therapy pets”).
  1. No cooking is allowed anywhere at camp (except in Jim & Dory’s River Cabin and RVs not with group), except by staff. All guests with a group must purchase all camp meals; it is part of our ministry and programming to eat in community. Healthy meals are available at the camp including vegetarian options, which must be requested in advance. We receive many “dietary requests” and although we do our best to accommodate requests, we may be unable to accommodate all. We suggest guests with special diets bring foods to supplement meals. There is a small refrigerator in the lodge that guests are welcome to use, along with mini refrigerators in all the deluxe cabins. It is suggested that those with food allergies ask the kitchen staff about ingredients and post their own labels on the serving table for each meal, as the staff does not have time to do this. If a visitor does not stay in our lodging, they will be charged a day-use fee. Absolutely no food or beverages are allowed in rustic rooms or tents…. it attracts varmints and bears!
  1. Groups agree to set up dining tables and chairs for their group and do clean-up as established by the Director.
  1. The camp bell is rung 5 minutes before meals and can also be useful in signaling camp schedules. Ring 2 to 4 times only because it is also our emergency warning system for the camp. When it is rung continuously, everyone must proceed immediately to the parking lot and wait for instructions.
  1. It is unlawful to feed the deer in the area. Please keep away from deer and other animals so that they may remain as wild as possible and to insure your safety.
  1. Procedures upon departure:  All groups and individuals are responsible for cleaning cabins, rustic rooms, shower houses and grounds before departing. Cleaning requirements are listed in the notebooks in each cabin and on the walls of the rustic accommodations and shower houses. If an individual is unable to clean their accommodations, the group leader will find someone to assist them. Guests are required to bring all sheets, pillowcases, towels and bathmats to the laundry behind the lodge before departing. Unless soiled, DO NOT bring quilts, pillows, blankets and mattress pads! All garbage should be taken to the dumpster behind the lodge. RECYCLING should go in the appropriate marked tubs behind the lodge. However, please note that alcohol containers are not to be left at camp.Please see #12 below.
  1. In deluxe cabins, White and River Cabins, bedding and towels are furnished. In the Rustic cabins, guests are responsible for bringing their own bedding, towels and other personal items.
  1. The camp and staff are not responsible for lost items left at camp.
  1. ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Possession or use by anyone in the group will result in their removal from the camp without refund.
  1. ALCOHOL: Special permission may be secured in advance from the Camp Directors for 
the use of alcohol at adult camps. Groups will be responsible for taking all alcohol
 containers (empty and new) with them when they leave.
  1. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED on camp property.
  1. It is expected that all groups and persons will act with respect and care toward the natural environment, other persons, and camp facilities. The Director reserves the right to require persons to leave the facility who, in the sole opinion of the Camp Director, are creating an unwarranted disturbance, are otherwise disrupting activities in camp, or are posing a health/safety danger to others. Weapons, hostility, foul language or belligerent behavior have no place at camp. Tricks and/or pranks are strongly discouraged. This includes cabin “raiding.” Your group will be held financially responsible for damages, including graffiti or defacing of any kind.
  1. The Camp reserves the right to serve more than one group on the site at the same time, unless a group contracts for exclusive use of the site.
  1. Acceptance and participation are the same for everyone regardless of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, or handicapping conditions. Discrimination in any form by the Camp and Retreat Center or its staff is strictly against policy and should be reported to the Director of Camping (1-800-JWESLEY). Discrimination in any form is strictly against policy of the U.S. Department of Agriculture related to its programs and services also, and should be reported to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, DC 20205.